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In the beginning

This is my first ever blog post, it's taken more than a year for me to get round to this. A combination of shit weather (If you didn't know, we in Scotland pride ourselves on how shit our weather is, strangely we even complain about it on a daily basis knowing full well it's always been that way and always will be) and utter boredom drove me to write this garbage.

blog-post-image A tree.

Today I am going to review some 35mm film, yawn. This is what I have been reduced too, honestly you may as well stop reading now as it ain't going to get anymore exciting than this. So where was I, sorry I just bored myself to sleep there or maybe I was just tired? Not sure but eitherway I enjoyed that. So the review is not going to include any technical pish, I am just going to tell if the film is any good or not . The film in question is Fomapan200 and is made by a company in the Czech republic who have been making film for over 100 years.

In the middle

As I work from home I just had to get out at the weekend, as my time outdoors through the week is limited too avoiding hordes of terrified mask wearing zombies in Asda or a much more pleasant and friendly visit to Subway (Thank you ladies) for the best latte on the Costa Del gety Bay, although can I give a little feedback : Where's the large coffee cups? I'm a big lad, I like big coffees, why the discrimination? It's 2021 large coffee cups have been around for a while, what's the problem? Maybe a strongly worded email to head office could rectify the situation? Back on topic,basically I had to get outdoors and shake off the scamdemic blues and what better way than shooting a roll of film?

A short drive and walk and suddenly I realised I was in the woods upto my calfs in thick cold mud, wondering if I was "going to make it out of here alive". Once I was over the hypothermia I quickly rattled off some shots and in case anyone was wondering, I did make it out alive but not without nearly succumbing to frostbite. More importantly though, I found the film to be really rather good. I really like the vintage look the film offers, I was also impressed with how the film handled high contrast situations and It can be found for as little as £4.00 for 36 exposures (putting the likes of fuji and kodak too shame).

In the end

All in all I would highly recommend this little Czech beauty of a film, it has everything going for it and for me no drawbacks. Really all I care about is what the images look like and I am pleased to say Fomapan 200 delivers and will be getting far more usage from me, the fact that you can get almost 2.5 rolls for the price of a roll of Tri-x 400 should help convince many others.

blog-post-image More trees.

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